Our People


positive, supportive + respectful environment

People with diversity in age, ability, professional experience & ethnicity come from far and wide to work for ULS Group.

ULS Group strives to provide a positive, supportive and respectful environment to eliminate discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or intersex status. We pay respect to the 1st peoples and custodians of the vast lands we now create built environments on; to their elders past, present & emerging.

This Landscape Construction, Irrigation and Maintenance business is one of only the 12% of construction firms which have a woman in the role of General Manager. Against the odds, ULS Group’s ratio of women to men employees is nearly five times the industry mean. 15% of ULS Group staff are 1st generation Australians. Our employees call home to over +50 different suburbs of greater Melbourne.




Managing Director, Giles Hoy

Bachelor of Horticulture, Landscape Design and Construction
(University of Melbourne)

Co Founding ULS Group in 2001, following many years of Project Management, Giles has developed specialist skills in ‘Hard’ landscape construction including structures, walls and pavement work. In particular, Giles has cultivated a growing team of motivated professionals eager to take ULS Group from success to success.

General Manager, Julie Watkins

Bachelor of Business, Accounting, Business Management
(Swinburne University)

With over (25) years’ experience in Business Management, my focus over the past +(7) years at ULS Group is achieving sustained profitable growth and business autonomy for the founding director by leveraging all controls at her disposal.

Maintenance, Construction and OH&S Senior Management

This group of fun loving leaders strive to safely achieve targets for ULS Group and it’s awesome clientele, whilst nurturing and developing skills and careers of the individuals they oversee. The doyens of their respective fields, we stand in awe.

Project Management

This unbelievably competitive, customer focussed and highly skilled Project Management team not only structure deliverable plans that ‘wow’ all involved, but adapt and manage contextual and design challenges as they arise.

Estimating Team

From appraising a tender initially to full submission by a deadline, right through to fielding ‘in works’ queries or variations, this team of highly qualified Engineers know every bolt, star picket… not quite every blade of grass but certainly the roll of turf from which it belongs.


From Accounts to Payroll, from Purchasing to OH&S: our Administration team know where it is, why it is there, for what duration and the strategic decision behind it in the 1st place.

Construction Supervising Management

On the ground and dedicated to one entire job at a time, this crew supervise, train and lead our talented landscapers. Working under the strategic direction of both the Project Management & Construction Management teams, and support from our Administration gurus, these talented professionals create our masterpieces on time, on budget, above expectations and safely for both our families, passersby and future users.