Old Alphington Pool Path

Landscape | Irrigation | Construction

Project Specifications

  • Client: City Of Yarra
  • Type: Public Open Space Pathway
  • Completion: 2020


ULS Group predominantly crafts green field parkland, playgrounds, sporting fields, estate entrances, wetland rejuvenations and streetscapes for burgeoning communities right across Melbourne. (150) employees comprised of dedicated specialist construction, irrigation & maintenance crews. Owing to our light footprints, be it ease to deal with and/or consideration to the environment and community as much as our paying client, we often take on work our competitors shy away from.

Like this tricky little path that meanders down to a piece of Melbourne history celebrating it's 100th birthday next year. With the Yarra River becoming less & less polluted each year, maybe, just maybe, we'll live to see people wandering down this little path in thongs, bathers with a towel slung over the shoulder.