Sustainable Park

Landscape | Construction | Maintenance

Project Specifications

  • Client: STOCKLAND
  • Value: $1.85M
  • Architect: SPIIRE
  • Completion: 2019


Sustainable Park (The Nest) is a 1.5ha public park and playground for the Highlands community constructed from recycled materials. Key items were found on site or brought to site having been salvaged from elsewhere.

ULS Group extracted these materials, rejuvenated them for clear identification and then reused in the new open space. Working to an original Spiire design, our team meticulously placed inconsistently sized individual items (with considerable autonomy) as repurposed park and playground features. Augmenting these elements with a mini scooter track, crawling tunnels, walking paths, shelters and original art pieces .. together with a southerly reserve of native bushland, Sustainable Park is like no other.