"Speed of work, quality, efficiency, and a good price. ULS Group give us all those in one."


"I can just throw anything on them at any stage to get things done.

I'm very, very happy with them, I mean they’d be one of my top contractors, so very happy with the way they operate."

ULS Group did an amazing job on their first job with us – Ulmara Estate, just running the project from the start to finish and completing everything on time. they got in and did the work and did a good job.

You get a lot of contractors, who promise you the world and then throw variations at you, but ULS Group are very upfront, very honest in the way they deal and go about their practice.

ULS Group helped a lot by turning up to jobs when we needed them, just spontaneously and got things done.

They get in and get things done. It’s about having a strong relationship with them and knowing their strengths and I guess knowing that I can just throw anything on them at any stage to get things done.


We do a fair bit of large scale landscaping so we're looking for someone that can produce quality work, quickly with consistent results.

The guys at ULS Group have been quite efficient, there’s been no problems, any issues with quality are addressed straight away. They are also really easy to talk to and get on with, which helps.

The most important benefit of using the ULS Group would be quality.

We look for speed of work, quality, efficiency, and a good price. ULS Group give us all those in one and are easy to work with as well. Hopefully we can continue to work with them going forward.


We chose ULS Group based on a recommendation from our landscaping architect consultant, they came highly recommended

Quite often we’ve found with some landscape contractors that they can deliver the finished product, but then maintaining it immediately afterwards and keeping it to the standard that they delivered it at is sometimes a challenge. And we’ve found that ULS have exceeded expectations in that regard.

By using ULS Group we just don’t have to constantly be looking over their shoulder and hassling the consultants to get these maintenance works done.

For us the benefits of using ULS Group are just the presentation, so it just shows we care about what we’re creating out there and that helps I suppose in the marketing of Devine Estates and Communities.


I chose ULS Group because of their quality of build and their delivery, they can deliver to a program, and they just deliver many high quality works, and their maintenance is always outstanding as well.

With ULS Group we can deliver everything on time and to a budget, which is basically the ultimate goal for the project, as well as delivering the landscape vision.

The most important benefit we get from using ULS Group is their quality of finish. We get a lot of feedback from our clients on how good the landscapes work and ultimately that determines how we sell land. People obviously like to live next door to quality parks and gardens and have facilities they can rely on. ULS Group definitely delivery those.

What we value the most as a customer of ULS Group is basically that they can deliver on time, it makes my job a lot easier. I definitely recommend using them.


ULS Group have been recommended to us by several different people.

ULS Group helped with problem solving, level issues and drainage issues. Just general problem solving. They'll identify problems early and we can work together to create a solution to those problems.

There’s an element of trust in knowing that they’re doing the job. So you can sort of not have to worry about that job as much. Knowing I can call them and ask them to do things if they haven’t done things and just I suppose having an open communication with them.

They know what they're doing particularly for larger scale projects, so I know that if we give them something they can handle it.


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